What Would Your Life Be Like If You Didn't Wait for Permission?
How much more fulfilled would your life be right now, if you took the leap...to more?
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Everyone is talking about Loving Yourself but no one is showing the HOW!
The truth is you aren't as happy as you thought you would be and where do you even begin?
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Drop the Mask: It is time for the Real You to Stand
Hard. I know but the cost of pretending everything is ok is COSTING you dearly.
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Life Coaching done differently...

I don’t believe you are broken or need fixing. I know that you may have broken-ness inside you where no one can see and you crave power of your own emotions and thoughts

From the outside, you appear ‘perfect’ or at least ‘fine’, so rarely do those around you look closer.

You are the reason I became a coach. You are the walking wounded. Hiding in plain sight. Hurting and sad so often it feels…normal.

And I used to be YOU. Functionally perpetually sad. In and out of relationships, looking for my happy…always outside of me. I never found it out there.

After a while I just got sick of my own shit.

Hey! My name is Fonda and I help women learn how to use their feminine energy so they can FEEL their lives and stop going through the motions of life.

Is this you? If so, click the pink button and let’s have a talk about how to turn ON yourself + your life!

Your soul is ALWAYS speaking to you through your body, which is the beauty of being human. Listen Closely...

Authentic Transparency is allowing ALL of you to show up in any situation and not having anything to conceal.