Always Getting Ready to Live but Never Living

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Getting ready and never arriving OR always getting ready to live but never living is like perpetually putting on makeup to go to a big party, putting on the dress then sitting on the bed and falling asleep. Over and over again aka the movie, Ground Hog’s Day.

Similarly, you want to start a new habit or kick an old one, you rev yourself up, you get yourself to the starting line and you never leave the line. You are just hanging out. Waiting for all the stars to align before you make your move.

Like everything else, routines are something we all experience somewhere at some time in our lives. It should be recognized for the procrastination that it is and weeded out.

Because overtime if this is your way of ‘doing life’, you will be paralyzed by the life calling you. (You know, the one in your imagination) You will need one more thing or get one more degree or lose X pounds BEFORE you can do the thing.

Life doesn’t bend to your comfort level, you must reach up to it (usually). And truth if you are comfortable, you usually think the new thing is interesting, but you ain’t moving. Because comfortable.

So reach or fall or lean but moving is necessary. Lip service or eloquent sound bites will NOT get you the life you could have. You must DO something.

Make all the mistakes, do ALL the things…but make sure there isn’t a long list of things you could have tried and didn’t.

If you have been rocking with me for a while, you know how much I adore talking about power. This power isn’t abrasive or abusive, it is grounded, stealthy and beautiful. The ability to change your mind is sex-a! Personal power implies that you trust your process and that you have what it takes. You are willing to mess up, to ask for help and to get engaged with life without the guarantee of perfection.

Perfection Paralysis, Analysis Paralysis

Ask…what did I learn? What do I need to do next time? You don’t have the luxury of asking these vital questions if you don’t act or move. Don’t play it out in your head. It NEVER works out in life the way it does in your head. Your head will convince you not to do it because you may be embarrassed. And???

Recognize when something no longer works and change it. Do not proceed…that’s cray cray…

Stay curious and pay attention. Does it work? Do you like the results? If not…change some stuff. As they say, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater (why do they say this: cringeworthy. Anyway, you get the point), change a few things at a time, so that you can monitor which parts to keep.

A Beginner’s Mind

Being a beginner is a necessary part of the process. The process meaning your life!
If a baby had this mindset it would NEVER learn to walk. Be more like a baby…

You have to do something with the NEW energy that you have asked for. When you don’t go because all your ducks aren’t in a row or whatever excuse um, reason you are using…this will cause you discomfort on many levels.

The ‘idea’ aka most fear stops you from going here or trying that, meanwhile your LIFE awaits… And it will wait for you for your whole lifetime, not judging you just waiting, but the guilt of not trying at all sometimes is the thing that propels you forward. That discomfort or knot you feel in your stomach that is your life asking you to move forward.

The more you try new things the more this feeling or a similar feeling lives within you. Make friends or at least peace with this ‘precursor’ feeling of some good stuff about to happen.

What is the alternative? Being on the sidelines of life while other people are trying until they succeed at something you thought of? They are getting their hands dirty and their knees scuffed, but guess what else they are doing? LIFE. That is what this is all about. Experience and experimentation.

Critical thinking can only take you so far. At some point, you gotta leap into the life you say you want. No reasoning! Be like Nike and just do it!

SARK (creative writer/creator/coach) reminds us that life is a messy middle.

The sidelines have cupholders and butt warmers and if it is fancy…blankets. But that is where life is observed, there is no risk over there. Nothing beats a failure but a try. Get in the game!

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