Social Media Ruins Your Productivity without a Plan

In order to get things done social media has to be put in its place

Social Media and Your Time Do even remember what your life was like BEFORE social media? Do you ever wonder, how to get stuff done when it doesn’t feel like you have enough time in a day? Do you often feel inadequate, because it is impossible to get your To Do List all nice and […]



Mediocrity is a drug with lasting side effects. It is for regular people. Don’t be regular. Regular is boring. You won’t even realize that you are on the drug, mediocrity until you see that you don’t have the life that you want. It has a low vibration of the comfortable life. Push past the status […]

Clarity Is Sexy

Trees in the forest

Can’t see the forest for the trees Clarity creates your vision, without it, your vision cannot be fully realized. What exactly do I mean? Can you paint a picture in your mind of accomplishing a goal? What does it smell like, look like, taste like make it as 3D as possible. Do you take the […]

No Reward Without Commitment

Get off the hamster wheel

No Reward without Commitment Try as you might, but the fact remains that you can have no reward without commitment.This is especially true when it comes to making a commitment to yourself AND keeping it. It is too easy to abandon when you get busy. Or overwhelmed. Or tired. Or when it simply gets hard. […]

Kill the Perfection Paralysis Gremlin

I originally posted this on Tumblr to ensure I sent this out immediately. However AND I am posting my first blog post here, to acknowledge my first post on my blog. Oh, Boi! When I woke up this morning, I knew it was a great day, but NOTHING could prepare me for this moment. I […]