It is vital to everything that you are and everything that you be that you are checking in with yourself to see what is true for you.

This means you must do your due diligence even if it looks ‘ok’ superficially, train yourself to look past the presentation.

Read the fine print of people, places, and things. Research, ask questions and run it by the Boss otherwise known as your GUT.

This requires, training your ‘ears’ to hear from your gut because we have been socialized to only rely on our brain/mind and throw away all else. Contrary to this ‘training’, I am asking you to turn up the volume of what you are feeling. Ask yourself questions and awaiting the response to come from your gut or your heart feels different than the response in the head. It can feel subtler or softer. Often you know it is coming from your mind because it is instantaneous and the loudest.

Running it by the BOSS can be applied to everything and should be applied to everything: a job, a business venture, a romantic partner or a diagnosis.

No matter what your family says or what your girlfriend’s say (if you can block out what you think they are gonna think or say), your inner knowing aka your gut will let you know what is a yes or a no for you.

Why? Because you have to live with the results of the direction you go in or don’t go in. It has to resonate for you, it has to feel as good as it can internally so that you have harmony. No split energy means you have a directive. Your own.

Several years ago, I went to Mexico City on a business trip. Everyone (including the Mexicans) says do NOT drink the water. This wasn’t my first trip to Mexico City, so I knew the drill, but I wanted some ruffage to ensure my system would be regular. So, I had a salad. What is salad typically cleaned with? That’s right: water.

Very soon after lunch, my body let me know this was not the right decision. I had meetings to attend and my calendar was full of presentations. My best friends during the trip were the bathroom, the pallet I made on the floor in the corner in my colleague’s office and the hotel bed. It took all the strength I could muster to give a great presentation, answer questions and go lay down on the pallet until the next presentation. It was awful!

When I got ‘stateside’, I went to an internist who was in my healthcare network. He listened to my story for 2 maybe 3 minutes and informed me that I had IBS. He went on to say that women in my age bracket and my ethnicity undergo stress (usually from their careers) and have IBS. He didn’t give me a test for IBS (not ONE), he didn’t look at my tongue, never touched me and wrote a prescription for the condition, he said I had.

With crumbled prescription in hand, I left his office. My very active gut sent me a message different than the messages it had been sending me over this course that something wasn’t right. He didn’t hear a word I said and told me to schedule a follow-up visit.

I was fine when I got to Mexico City, I had lunch then I wasn’t fine. How is this IBS? I went to a colonist instead. I paid out of pocket because the drugs felt more harmful than good. In fact, nothing about it felt right. My body able to calm itself and heal with a little help. I had to trust that I was doing the right thing. I was also willing to continue to listen and go find another doctor if the colonic wasn’t effective. In gratitude, my colon healed without the drug.

Months later, I heard a report that the drug he prescribed me, killed several people!!! I couldn’t believe my ears. I thought about those people who thought they were doing what was best for their bodies. Dead? This still makes me speechless!

Checking In With Yourself

I implore you, do not do a thing blindly. Run it past your Boss. Wait for a response. Remember it will feel different than what your mind says. The feeling will come from a different place than usual. Get really curious. Ask questions of yourself. Do your research, get support (yes this includes medical professionals, not all of them are like that guy), weigh your options and trust yourself.

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