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My coaching philosophy is to develop a partnership between the client and the coach (me, Fonda).

It is the responsibility of the coach to listen deeply, clarify the vision of the client and then align with the desires of the client and invoke client discovery.

I know every client is resourceful, creative, whole and complete. Often, it is encouragement, guidance or practical steps that are needed to take quantum leaps in life to push past limitations and limiting beliefs. {Developing tools and strategies for achieving an outcome with greater ease.}

People seek out the help of a coach because they want to experience change and they desire to shorten the learning/pain curve. Great coaching and mentorship happen through collaboration, offering a different perspective and holding space for their clients’ ultimate goals.

The one constant in life is CHANGE. When life changes you, create your new normal. I view YOU (every person) on a (w)holistic level: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, a complete human being.

As a society we are taught to only value the thinking mind and the almighty dollar, leaving behind the sacred wisdom of your body. emotions, and spirit. The body is your power source: it never lies AND it houses all of these things without your help.

When you unconsciously shut off these centers of grounding and balance, there is no trust from within. You seek validation of who you are, your value and worthiness outside of yourself and at the same time making yourself wrong and untrustworthy.

My aim is to aid you in the return or to uplevel balance (homeostasis) to your Self. Because what you don’t acknowledge about the wisdom of you costs you pain, time and even money.

The body-soul-mind connection is essential to restoration, healing, and happiness. I have programs designed to help you uncover and unpack your inner landscape and be the real YOU.

It is risky business allowing the TRUE YOU to shine through in your daily life. To go after the life you truly deserve, so that at the end of it, you have no regrets. To be able to smile from your heart through tears, life stories, and battle scars, because mediocrity just isn’t enough for you.

This is my prayer for you. You are the most valuable element you have.

Ever since I performed my first massage in 1999, I have been helping people with their overall wellness, not just their bodies.

My best work is always done when the client and I connect the dots that would/could explain the pain or disease; when they share what was going on in their lives and how their bodies hold (unprocessed) emotions.

Everything is connected in the body, it has a wisdom that scientists will be pondering forever. But when I ask the body what it knows (bypassing the thinking mind), it always states truth for the client.

The experience of touching thousands of souls through massage I have found a common thread that enhances my coaching practice: people live in their body, but rarely are they engaged or truly living their life. Most are disconnected because life taught them it is only safe to live in their head, not to trust their bodies, their bodies are wrong or nasty, a betrayal or fill in the blank.

My desire for a deeper understanding of body centered psychology, wellness and happiness, led me to become certified in Life Coaching.

  • In the traditional coach setting, a coach asks questions (stays in the inquiry) and creates frameworks in order to invoke the answer from the client. This allows the client the room for self-discovery and creates strategies; it is empowering to the client and demonstrates that they are able to be solution oriented and gain mastery in their personal and/or professional lives. The model of coaching is self-initiated motivation, actionable and outcome based. The emphases in a coaching partnership are on action, accountability and follow through.
  • The mentor provides wisdom and guidance stemming from their own experiences and may include coaching, advising or counseling.
  • A training or teaching has an agenda and objectives set forth by the teacher or trainer and they provide guidance that the student will learn.
  • The assumption of the counselor or consultant is to diagnose problems and sometimes implement solutions.
  • The role of the (psycho) therapist is dealing with dysfunction, conflict and healing emotional pain within the individual. The focus is often on resolving issues/difficulties coming from a past time that is limiting an individual from functioning appropriately in the present, improving overall psychological functioning and dealing with life in more emotionally healthy ways.
  • *In my professional experience, I have encountered moments when, clients required and requested something different than the typical coaching relationship.

*My allegiance and intention are that the client gets the results they desire, so I have shared personal stories of overcoming/coping style of a similar situation. Other times, it has been helpful to take a scenario and paint a few options for the client, so that they can see a situation from a different angle.

My coach training has equipped me with the ability to work with individuals and groups that are seeking, not only to understand themselves but also to use all of who they are to their benefit. This means that while coaching is forwardly focused, there is also a component of internal understanding that takes place.

My position as coach is to hold space for the spirit/soul that is before me, for the vision that is shared (I consider it sacred) and I stand in the fold for the BIGness (change) that they want to experience in their lives.

The clients and students that are attracted to me are willing to do a deeper dive of personal development. They have tried traditional therapies and coaching, but are seeking to find their inspiration in their life, not just to be motivated. I support them in their vision, dreams, and purpose(s) and I guide them to find the key(s) within themselves.

Yes, it really works. But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Client Testimonials The result of our work together is over time. With dedicated consistency, you will attract the life you have always wanted.

Ethically, I can not make guarantees.

However, I can assure you that if you are willing to do the work, how badly you want to change your life and the effort you put into the assignments/exercises given to you, you WILL experience long lasting change. When you have more personal power, you have a greater more expressive life.

There is no magic bullet, you gotta do the work.

My client is a creative, dynamic busy woman (also an awesome man) who knows that something valuable is missing from her life.

She has experienced success in some areas of her life, but she has that one thing that she just can’t get right.

It keeps her up at night, taunts and haunts her. She cries tearless tears, she knows how to hide in plain sight, she is a master at “I’m Fine”, yet little pieces of her soul continue to die.

Secretly, she is terrified that her dreams will never come true and is caught in her own personal hell.

If this is you, we should talk.

What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

I work best with a client who is ready to do what it takes to heal.

She may not have the tools or the practice, but she understands that her awesomeness will not be discovered living and doing it as she has always done.

People know the truth when they hear it and feel it, but don’t necessarily have the courage or worth to live in the realization. It is not an easy thing to be different and act accordingly.

My favorite client is no longer willing to live a small mediocre life, she wants to understand and create true happiness for herself and others around her.

You, Beloved, are expected not to have all the answers. Instead the willingness and courage to be open to the possibilities that life has to offer.

What type of personality will NOT benefit from your programs?

Please understand that I select my clients carefully, gently turning away clients who won’t benefit from the programs I have to offer and won’t get results, it wouldn’t be fair.

The type of person I won’t work with (without exception) is the whiner or the chronic skeptic, as well as individuals who consistently make excuses for not getting their assignments done or challenging every aspect of the program(s).

We probably will not work well together and it wouldn’t be great for the client or me. My purpose is to help those who want/desire championing to live their fullest lives possible, however, I can not and will not do the work for you.

What sets me apart from other coaches is my expertise in massage and bodywork. I know what it feels like intuitively in a client’s body when someone has unresolved emotions. I provide a safe and sacred space for a client to explore all aspects of their life and decide which ones they want to work on. There is NO judgment, only freedom and exploration.
My style of coaching focuses on understanding where life challenges (patterns) are, asking the body what is true and how to proceed. I have the client scan their body and this gets them out of the thinking mind. The brain can only find the obvious answers, however, the body feels, thus this is where the truer answer lives.
A client, *Wendy was having difficulty sleeping and this affected how she functioned in her life. She was studying for a huge career exam. We worked intensely on what or who was at sleepy’s gate. She suffered from nightmares (memories from her childhood) and I asked her to close her eyes, mentally scan her body and see what was there/true for her.
I guided her through envisioning a younger version of herself (inner child) and I dialogued with her and then had Wendy do a few exercises to maintain that it was safe to rest and that BIG Wendy was in control of the situation. Her sleeping vastly improved, her quality of life was better and she passed her test!

There are several ways to sample my work:

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I will be happy to walk you through the different options to see which program will be the very best for you.

Many ‘say’ that they want a bigger more expressive life, but few take action. 

Feeling your way to a decision is the best way to know what is right for you.

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I am happy you are ready to step into your Wholeness!

I look forward to seeing you walk into the fullness of you.

I would be honored to help.

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I will be happy to walk you through the different options to see which program will be the very best for you.

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