How to Frame Your Day

10 Mantras : Learn what to do BEFORE your feet even touch the floor in the morning.​

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The buzz is all about affirmations, they sound ahmazing, but then, they fizzle out like a flat soda left on the counter on a hot summer day?

In order to work they MUST bypass your stinking thinking in order to STICK as a new ‘habit’.​

EWH… They don’t work because your brain/mind doesn’t have proof that they will (work), so they don’t.

Fonda Clayton

About the Author

Fonda is a Best Selling Author of Stop Giving Your Power Away + creator of The Juicy Life Podcast and Life Coach for women.

Her mission is to assist her clients to align: body, mind and spirit.

She helps women build daily rituals and practices into their lives so that they experience love, self esteem and self worth.

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