Give Yourself Permission to Succeed

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Giving yourself permission to succeed takes courage beyond measure. The truth is, scrutiny, criticism, and self-doubt are paralyzing factors.

WHO do you think you are? But the real question is: who would you become if you allowed yourself to succeed?

You want more, but are afraid to say: you won’t let yourself be great. This is something that others get to do or get to be, but you are expected to color inside the lines. We all are expected to do this. Until we awaken to a discomfort that can no longer be ignored or denied. Something is nagging at you.

It is your Greatness beckoning you.

But then you think, ‘What will they think about me?’ This screams and haunts you AND stops you from going to get the life you want.

If you can’t ask for what you want, you don’t get to have what you want.

You teeter totter between hiding in plain sight and being seen. You are exhausted even though to the outside world you aren’t moving. This just will not do anymore!

Can you allow yourself to be seen?
Can you live outloud? Make mistakes AND have success?

Stop waiting for the other shoe to drop and have the cake and ENJOY every morsel.

It would be so easy if the world just handed you everything you wanted on a silver platter. But where is the fun, the experience of it? After a while, this gets pretty boring.

Don’t believe me? Recall a young child who gets frustrated when you tie her shoe when she is ready to do this herself. The fun is in the seeing a thing through.

With this said, it doesn’t have to be hard once you line up with desiring your greatness and seeing the great potential inside yourself. You have to let yourself have it (internally) and here is the ‘work’.

Making an opportunity for yourself in allowing yourself to know that you are great. It isn’t a celebrated quality, but when you are striving for something more, you can’t afford to care.

Every person that ever strived for greatness were deemed ‘crazy’ by someone(s) until they became a success. Go after the thing that keeps you up at night. You may not have the whole vision in front of you, but just follow the breadcrumbs of your vision.

Sometimes, the Universe has to move obstacles and create opportunities to line up with your vision. A detour may just be lining up the perfect timing. (This is where the not hard part comes in. If you are efforting too much, consider backing off as the timing might be off by a bit. This simple easing off the brakes allows it to come in more perfect that you could have done working hard.)

But whatever you do, don’t wait for approval from the powers that be (whoever that it is) or the people who are closest to you, you may be waiting til Neverurary.

If you want to learn how to approve of yourself :: reset your life with daily rituals

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