How to Make Up Your Mind

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In the world of endless choices, it feels impossible to make up your mind. The game of what if this or what if that dances endlessly in your head. The main driver of the what if game is, what if I make the wrong decision? What if others don’t like my decision?

As you know having singular focus is what moves the needle and propels you to a particular result.

Indecision isn’t productive. It is the antithesis of anything ‘good’. It is a momentum killer. Weighing the pros and the cons on every detail seem like a great idea until you realize what a time suck this is for you. It drains your creativity and energy. If you find yourself deadlocked then perhaps that moment isn’t the best time to make that decision.

Overthinking is a time killing an addictive habit. One that we brag about under the guise of being so busy. It is usually that you can’t make up your mind about something. P.S. being less busy is a great thing, less stress, less cortisol.

You nor your brain can catch a break. If you really can’t decide at that moment, move onto something else, however, bookend it (put it in your calendar to handle it later) so that it doesn’t go to the mental morgue in your mind of yet another thing you have yet to complete.

The monkey mind will remind you that you didn’t choose the last time and there goes your self trust of keeping your word to yourself. So, please schedule it!

Have you considered giving yourself an incredibly short deadline? This is surprisingly helpful because it gets the topic off of your brain. Remember, you can always review your decision. Reviewing a decision VS making a decision is somehow easier.

When you are considering a yes or a no: MAYBE is a disguised no. Not right now. If it were a yes, there would be nothing to decide. Yeses are things you must act on now, because of time and or inspiration, they are what you should focus on.

Lining up with the YES creates a flow that is helpful to you being productive and accomplishing something valuable and important to you.

Keep these questions in mind:
1. Will I allow myself to go for it?
2. What is the vision?

In order to do a new thing (even if it is new for you) takes a vision, not a goal.

A goal can often times be too narrow and you get fixed on what it needs to ‘look’ like and allow the vision to unfold. The people, places, and things that you just ‘KNEW’ were going to be your steady dependable X, often are not what you thought. This part is ok and human nature. Forgive them and keep your vision as your focus.

There are easier, better(er) ways come if you don’t get caught up in the details. If you can let go of it needing to come in a certain package, by a certain someone, the road will be much easier.

How many times has someone you don’t know or don’t know well bless you with a word or deed that has ‘blown’ you away? It was exactly what you had been asking for and they would have had no way of even knowing that information. The decision is hard because it may disappoint someone

The Decision is Hard Because It May Disappoint Someone

Everyone likes the feeling of being liked. The opposite bites IF your happiness is intertwined with another’s reaction to your actions/deeds or inaction.

If what you want to do or not do, doesn’t do any harm to another person, then you must do what is going to make you happy and delighted. You deserve to be these things as often as possible.

Your choice may be unpopular, unfamiliar or just plain crazy to others, but if you feel the urge to go in a certain direction, then GO!

As to making the wrong decision: no worries, you gained life experience and perspective. So no wasted time and no spinning your wheels at the starting gate, because you made a decision and got in the game.

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