Women’s health is assumed (but never fully examined), unless we receive a negative report from our gynecologist. And when we are going to the doctor, it is usually to tell us how unhealthy we are or the wrongness of us.

Rarely, though do we experience preventive hand holding that could enable us to make conscious (I have all the facts Ma’am) type of decisions when it comes to our health. If everything is energy and IT IS, then we need to seriously be connecting the dots for ourselves.

Whether your mom took you by the hand and gave you implicit instruction on the private workings of womanhood or you had to figure it out on your own or you fall somewhere in between, one thing is constant.

We were taught and instructed to keep our (collective and personal) embarrassment at bay and often not about what we put on or in our bodies could have long-lasting determinantal effects on our health.

Let’s face it, generations before us spoke even less than we do about our lady parts in a positive light. While there is no blame here, however AND when you know better, do better.

We could point our fingers at the medical industry. We could. Or religion. But in the meantime, you and I are in the trenches of womanhood and our health is our own responsibility. In her article, Alisa Vitti suggests some alternatives that aren’t commonly advertised. I think it is a good read of quick education.

A girl with options, is a power-filled girl, indeed. Wouldn’t you say? I talk about this in my book, Stop Giving Your Power Away. It is necessary that women continue to dialogue about what is most beneficial for us, push past the status quo and create something more robust. Your eyes absorbing this content is doing just that.

One thing I know for sure is: a woman shares what she knows. She even shares her questions. Questions have THE most power, as they cause change. I do love that about us!

What changes are you willing to make in order to ensure you are empowering your health?
Who will you share this important news with?

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