The worst lies are those that are left unchecked and accepted as truth by the one it is told about aka Y-O-U. Or it could be a lie told by another, but still you didn’t check if it were true you accepted that it must be true because you gave the teller more power over your life that you. Of course this is unconscious (the power part), of course once you realize you can do something different. Decide to stop wearing the lie. Instantly.

Self Cruelty: To Take a Lie & Wear it As Your Truth.

Here’s the thing: if it makes you feel bad as you tell yourself this ‘story’ then that is your ego trying to sell you snowballs in the winter. God doesn’t make mistakes. You are not a mistake. Believe in the creation of you. Believe in every breath you take. Trust that you have the power to make different decisions about yourself. Stop believing the laundry list of lies. You are worth so much!

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