I am delighted that you have considered being a guest on The Juicy Life Show Podcast.

My show showcases and teaches women and a few awesome men HOW to take care of themselves (from the inside out), so that they can dynamically and lovingly have amazing life experiences. This allows them to be present for others without being depleted.

To fully express your purpose for being on the planet and at the risk of being yourself, because trying to conform is just too painful. This is SEXY manifested and responsibly changing the world.

If you decide you want to share your JUICYness with my audience, here are the sexy details:

I typically ask questions similar to these below:

Once the show is ready and I have an “air date” for your episode, we do require you send an email to your list and publish a post throughout your social media channels. The more traffic the better; It helps attract even more people based on the algorithms that are not connected to either one of us.

If this feels exciting to you as I am to type this, please click this link to fill out the application. Once I receive the notification of the application, I will send you a scheduling link along with a Zoom link for us to hold the interview.


Looking forward,