Social Media and Your Time

Do even remember what your life was like BEFORE social media?

Do you ever wonder, how to get stuff done when it doesn’t feel like you have enough time in a day?

Do you often feel inadequate, because it is impossible to get your To Do List all nice and Sharpied at the end of the day?

Layer in social media and the pressure of being in the KNOW is like being IN a pressure cooker or drinking from a fire hose.


You are pulled at every angle. It feels like everyone and everything is vying for your attention. You get on social media for a minute and your productivity has gone down the drain.

You don’t even remember why you got on in the first place. The best way to navigate through this, keep your personal freedom AND increase your happiness is to have a plan!

If having control (personal power) of your social media is important to you, then here is what you gotta do:

Have a plan of how long you will be on your favorite platform: yup, set an alarm. Think of social media as a dessert, not the main course: You can’t have the sweets until you eat all your vegetables.

Jot down before you click: who you want to connect with, what you want to find out about, etc.

Fill in the blank: I will not use social media before X time. I shut down social media at X time. I will not use social media, while I eat…err, did I go too far? (giggle)

What other ways can you think of maximizing the time you have so that the social media vortex won’t control your life?

These simple tweaks, that will make you more productive, increase your time, decrease that crazy numbed out feeling of not being productive AND put social media in its proper place. In your hand, not the other way around.

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