Prepare Me

Prepare me: Oprah says it best, ‘LUCK is preparation meeting opportunity’. Let the floodgates of abundance be easy and let it be fun. Ask: Prepare Me so that the Abundance that is Flowing to Me STAYS with Ease, Joy, and Fun. Have you ever wondered why most lottery winners end up broke in less than […]

Celebration of the Small Stuff Takes Practice

light a candle to celebrate the small stuff

While I have been an entrepreneur for over a decade, it is just something I chose to do, not anything I took time out to recognize, let alone be in celebration. Not until, I listened to a colleague and friend whom I admire, excitedly share about the day she went into business for herself and […]

Clarity Is Sexy

Trees in the forest

Can’t see the forest for the trees Clarity creates your vision, without it, your vision cannot be fully realized. What exactly do I mean? Can you paint a picture in your mind of accomplishing a goal? What does it smell like, look like, taste like make it as 3D as possible. Do you take the […]