The Problem of Being Too Nice + What to Do About It

You may show a smile to the world but no one really knows how you feel

You were molded to be nice and taught that nice is a synonym to being kind. They are not the same. Being too nice will get you a bunch of things, but rarely…what you want. You have been told that being nice is what you are supposed to do. And that ‘Nice Guys’ finish last […]

Too Much

If someone tells you that you are TOO much, smile, thank them, but never stop Being and Doing YOU. Never! This is a signal that they are comfortable where they are in their life and you are upsetting their apple cart. It is important to remember two things: 1- Do Not take it personally. 2- […]

My First Book

Holy Toledo Batman! I wrote my first book! Stop Giving Your Power Away is living out in the world. To think that less than 30 days ago, it wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye. I am in a group coaching program called The Illuminators, which is a dope group of entrepreneurs. This group is […]