Checking In With Yourself

It is vital to everything that you are and everything that you be that you are checking in with yourself to see what is true for you. This means you […]

Live Up To Your Own Agenda

Every person has their own opinion (agenda) about what you should do, the pace in which you should do it and how. They make it seem like you would offend […]

How to Make Up Your Mind

In the world of endless choices, it feels impossible to make up your mind. The game of what if this or what if that dances endlessly in your head. The […]

My Friends Aren’t There for Me

When people fall away, let them. People will move out of your life or shift in your life, I say, it is ok to LET them. You want to declare, […]

True Wealth is your health

True Wealth isn'tan image of fruit and veggies to support having true wealth which is your health

True Wealth is your health is  contrary to what we are conditioned to believe. ‘If you are wealthy nothing else is more important and simultaneously you are magically ‘happy’.’ If […]



Mediocrity is a drug with lasting side effects. It is for regular people. Don’t be regular. Regular is boring. You won’t even realize that you are on the drug, mediocrity […]

Bending Over Backwards

Ever wonder how some people seem to get what they want but you feel like an outsider in your own life? You bend over backwards for the people in your […]

Is Your Health in Danger?

Women’s health is assumed (but never fully examined), unless we receive a negative report from our gynecologist. And when we are going to the doctor, it is usually to tell […]