Self Care, smelt care. It is trending term, but when you think about HOW to fit this into your schedule it puts you in a ball of knots. You are already busy. You are overwhelmed. You are so much these things, you are almost bored at the thought of having to consider: Self Care.

But, let’s face it, the only time you seem to get some rest is when you are sick.

It simply doesn’t feel good when you don’t feel good. Your body may be out for the count, but your brain doesn’t let you forget your long to do list. This causes you more overwhelm and more rushing/robbing your body recovery/repair time.

What if you made a plan to rest so that you don’t have to ‘get’ sick? (or at the very least for shorter periods of time)

Could you do it?

  • Without a laundry list of why you deserve it?
  • The justification that you have been good and now you want/need a reward.
  • The ‘oh please, oh please, let me have/do this thing and I will be indebted to you’ (for a time that you determine).

Whether you pay now or pay later, you are going to pay with your time and/or resources.

Taking care of yourself just isn’t an option. Throw the justification out the window, self care is not to be played with. This is your health and well-being, you are talking about here.

Imagine a list that included you and your self care, whether it be meditation, going to bed earlier, going to the gym, taking a bath with Epsom salt, a massage, eating on time, going to the chiropractor, putting down your phone, the list is endless.

Self care means different things to different people AND you get to change your mind AND decide what it means for you. The point is to do what is easiest and whatever fits into your lifestyle.

Where you can be the most consistent, where you can see the biggest benefit. Start small and build from there. It could mean stop doing something rather than adding something to the list.

Start small and build from there. It could mean stop doing something rather than adding something to the list.

If you remove something like sleep, you are constantly running at a deficit. Forever depleted with no replenishment.

ASK: What do I require in order to feel good?

Something as slight as NOT bringing your smart phone into the restroom would do wonders: no stress of dropping your phone, increases your productivity (insert chuckle), allows you to concentrate on the task at hand to name a few. What is more loving than that?

Being present with whatever you have going on allows you to be IN the moment. This is also self care.
Whatever you decide, this is for sure…every other part and parcel of your life is scheduled and planned, self care isn’t the exception only when you have the time or space.

Write a short list right now of what you can start or stop and make a commitment to get this handled. Let me a comment below to let me know how it goes.

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